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Batsland represents Custom-Wines in the Baltic States for the development of private labels of quality wines.

Have you ever thought about managing your own wine brand?

Do you know that you can now easily improve the quality and diversity of your products and augment value?

Custom-Wines enables you to work the wine industry from a global perspective, with little communication, technical or financial difficulties, and thus rapidly.

works with important (generally mid to large-sized companies) wine buyers at identifying their needs and those of their clients in order to produce individual wines or wine ranges at competitive prices fitting current market needs.

Custom-Wines offers a large variety of solutions in terms of wine customisation and uses these solutions at your needs: from the grape vine in the vineyard to the end-consumer.

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Wines that are customized and available from stock in Alleur, Belgium : Thank you for finding descriptions of the above mentioned producers, wines and prices in the Gustoworld catalogue.

Wines that Custom-Wines can customize:   

Monocépages                                                     Assembled wines
Cabernet sauvignon                                            Chardonnay+ Viognier....
Sauvignon Blanc                                                 Carmenèret+…

There are still other possibilities for other grape varieties from Chile .              
Single grape variety                                            Assembled wines :
Ugni blanc                                                          Malbec+..............
Sauvignon Blanc                                                 Torontes+...........
Cabernet sauvignon       
Cabernet franc             
Single grate variety                                             Assembled wines
Chardonnay                                                       Chardonnay+.........
Shiraz                                                                Shiraz +.................
Cabernet sauvignon       
South Africa
Single grate variety                                             Assembled wines
Pinotage                                                            Pinotage+..............
Chenin                                                               Chenin+................
Sauvignon Blanc              
The quantities of minimal orders vary from country to country from 12 ' 000 - 24 ' 000 bottles.             
Delivery time: approximately 3 months after approval of quality, price and labeling.             
Custom-Wines assures to provide equal quality or better for a more competitive price than major brands.              
Batsland remains at your service to discuss your requirements for the development of private labels for the Baltic States. 

Thank you for contacting Batsland by e-mail at or telephone +372 53467717


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