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  Poot Agenturen  
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Poot Agenturen 

Poot Agenturen BV was founded in 1974, by the present owner/manager, Frank Poot. It started out as a traditional agent for French wineries, but gradually grew towards being an importer for New World wines as well. Currently the company manages the export for several producers from the Old and New World in many European markets.

Poot Agenturen BV

imports a broad range of wines from Portugal, France, Austria, Germany, Italy, Spain, Chile, the United States, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa . High quality wines fill over half of the selection, medium ranged wines 40%. The company tends to focus strongly on branded wines and is considered to be a ‘one stop shop’ for New World wines in a number of European countries. For most New World brands Poot Agenturen handles the European continent.

Poot Agenturen BVhas built a strong reputation as a brand builder. Consequently a number of leading brands from around the world can be found in the portfolio. The main markets consist of wholesale (on-trade) and wine specialist shops.

You find informations regarding the producers, wine sheets and images on:

The assortment offered by Batsland in partnership with Poot Agenturen in the Baltic States includes wines from:


Serignan du Comptant,



Lutzville Wines,


Vina Alempue and May May,


Eral Bravo,


Mc Pherson (Murray-Darling),


Sebastiani Wines (Sonoma County),

Crane Lake (California)

Thank you for contacting Batsland to be informed which brands are available for Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania for minimum orders of 600 bottles (one full pallet mixed or per sort).



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