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  Poot Agenturen  
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Batsland represents Poot Agenturen and Gustoworld, importers and distributors of world wines, in the Baltic States. We carry wines from main international producers and deliver troughout Europe from strategically located warehouses in the Netherlands and Belgium.

  • large assortment in high quality New World wines from Australia, South Africa, Chile, Argentina, Libanon, Israel, Brazil, Mexico, USA and Old World Wines from France, Italy, Spain, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg ex warehouse Western Europe 
  • wines are selected for their outstandig price-quality relations 
  • order per mixed pallet or pallet per sort, minimum order 1 full pallet per supplier
  • logistic advantages:  delivery from stock in Europe, maximum delivery time one week, minimum logistics for orders of wines from various countries of origin in single shipments 
  • excellent service and extensive information and assistance   
  • highly internationally awarded wines

Thank you for viewing the assortments by Poot Agenturen, Gustoworld and Custom Wines by clicking the links on the left of this page.

I am delighted to meet you to discuss your requirements for new purchases and your advantages of a cooperation with Batsland for your purchases of wine, ex warehouse the Netherlands, France,  or Belgium. 

Contact: or tel +372 53467717


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